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1979 JOHN DEERE 762 Scraper  $39,000.00 CAD 
1995 CATERPILLAR 621F Scraper  $193,500.00 USD Serial Number: 4SK00329
1994 CATERPILLAR 621F Scraper  $193,500.00 USD Serial Number: 4SK00139
1987 CATERPILLAR 613C WW Scraper - water wagon  $68,500.00 USD Serial Number: 92X01283


2001 OTHER 17C Scraper  $56,750.00 USD Serial Number: 4531A
2001 OTHER 17C Scraper  $56,750.00 USD Serial Number: 4553A


1993 CATERPILLAR 627E Scraper  $CALL Serial Number: 7CG00904




List of equipment 28 & 27-08-2002


1979 CATERPILLAR 637 Scraper  $54,500.00 USD Serial Number: 27w762
1979 CATERPILLAR 637 Scraper  $54,500.00 USD Serial Number: 27w760
1986 CATERPILLAR 627BPP Scraper  $CALL Serial Number: 15S01753
1979 CATERPILLAR 613B Scraper  $CALL Serial Number: 38W06012

List of equipment 26-08-2002

1994 CATERPILLAR 627F Scraper  $275,500.00 USD 
1996 CATERPILLAR 627F Scraper  $275,500.00 USD 

  Listing of 21-08-2002

  Scrap Processing
1987 KOMATSU PC220LC-3 Scrap Processing  $29,000.00 USD 

 Listing of 20-08-2002

1990 CATERPILLAR 627E Scraper  $170,000.00 USD Serial Number: 7CG00733
1999 CATERPILLAR 613C Scraper  $143,000.00 USD Serial Number: 8LJ

  Listing of 19-08-2002

1966 CATERPILLAR 631B Four Units Scraper  $32,500.00 USD 


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