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Disposable products
Shaped CD Greeting Card
Computer parts
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Pistacio & Dried fruits
Food Products from Iran
Machines for production of Ice-Creams
Paraffin waxes & Petroleum Jelly
Solar Energy Products
Sport Shoes with Roller Skates

Shaped CD Greeting Card

we are a CD Manufacturer . At this moment, we have a brand new gift item, and we are looking for sales 
representative in Europe and North America,  Our new product is called the Shaped CD Greeting Card. It 
is a combination of Shaped CD (CD in different shapes) and Greeting Card. 

We have very competitive prices, and we need representatives to help us getting into new market. 

In addition to the Shaped CD Greeting Card, we also have Business Card CD, Name Card CD, and Shaped 
CD tailor-made for specific clients.  
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In addition to supplying raw pistachio we also offer the following:

1-Roasted and salted pistachio:

2-Roasted and unsalted pistachio:

3-Roasted and salted pistachio with Lime Added:

4-Pistachio Kernels:

5-Green skinned pistachio kernels:

6-Closed mouth pistachio in shell.


Preserved Vegetables:

Frozen Vegetables:
Potatoes - Onions - Broccoli - Carrots -Cabbage - Cauliflower - Leak - Green Beans - Celery - Peas - Garlic - Spinach - Capsicum - Courgette - Broad Beans

Fruit Concentrates:
1 - apple 2- pomegranate 3- Grape ( Red-White) 4 - orange 5 - pear 6- cherry 7- Cherry

Tomato Paste

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Machines for production of Ice-Creams


Our plant is a specialized corporration in Phosphoric products. Our main products are :

  • Trisodium Phosphate

  • Disodium Phosphate;

  • Monosodium Phosphate;

  • Monoammonium Phosphate;

  • Diammonium Phosphate;

  • Monopotassium Phosphate;

  • Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate;

  • Sodium Pyrophosphate;

  • Potassium Pyrophosphate;

  • Phosphoric Acid;

  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate;>/font>


    Fully Refined & Semi-Refined Paraffin Waxes

    Granulated Paraffin Wax

    White oil or liquid paraffin or mineral oil or paraffin oil

    White Petroleum Jelly/ Vaseline USP/BP Grade



    -Solar  Lanterns
    --Solar  Garden lights
    --Solar  Auto Battery Chargers
    --Solar  Radios
    --Solar Torches
    --Solar  Water Pumps
    --Solar  Cooling  Caps
    --Solar  Toys/Fans

    --Solar Aircraft Warning Lights
    --Solar Chargers
    --Solar  Power  Systems
    --DC to AC  Inverters

    --Charging Controller/Regulator
    --Solar  Cells/Panels/Arrays
    --Portable Power Station.

    --Dynamo/Solar Radio W/ Torch    

    --DC&AC Energy Saving Lights
    --Nickel  Iron Battery,
    --Sealed Lead Acid Battery
    --Infrared Motion Sensor .... etc



    We can supply disposable products with fine artworks design of OEM customers all around the world.

    In the past few years we have won high reputations from customers for our high quality products, fast delivery, and good services.

    In the new century, more partners and friends are welcomed to join our team to devellop a successful future by our mutual efforts, to make our world a beautiful and wonderful place for living.


    1- Disposable Household Supplies:
    Toothpick & Fruit Pick Bamboo Skewer 
    Disposable Plastic Cultries 
    Plastic Drinking Straws 
    Paper Plates 
    Paper Cups 
    Aluminium Cooking Foil Cling 
    Film Food Storage Bag 
    Disposable Table Clothes 
    Facial Tissues 
    Pocket Tissues 
    Toilet Tissues 
    Hand Towel Tissues 
    Sanitary Napkin 
    Baby Diapers 
    Disposable Under Pads 
    2- Disposable Medical Supplies :
    Cotton Swabs 
    Cotton Balls 
    Cotton Wools 
    Facial Cotton Pads 
    Medical Gauze & Bandage 
    Disposable Sergical Dressings 
    Disposable Surgical Mask 
    Disposable Syringes 
    Disposable Hypodermic Needles 
    Disposale Infusion Sets 
    3- Gloves :
    Disposable Exam Gloves 
    Disposable Surgical Gloves 
    Disposale PE Gloves 
    Disposable PVC Gloves 
    Houshold Latex Gloves. 

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    With advanced magnetic Transdermal Therapeutic System (known as TTS), our 
    client manufactures a variety of high-tech magnetic products, such as Chinese 
    medicine magnet plasters, which holds a Chinese invention patent and obtained 
    a gold medal in the 1997 American Einstein International Exhibition of 
          A. Magnetic Plaster   
    		B. Medical ccessories                            
    		C. Industrial Permanent Magnet
    		D. Magnet Application
    A-Magnet Plaster is the creative integration of Chinese traditional medicine and 
    modern magnetic technology, It's based on the technology of the advanced 
    transdermal drug delivery and the theory of biomagnetic ionpore. The 
    application of this theory certifies the scientific nature, effectiveness, 
    safety and authority of magnet plaster. It exclusively owns national invention 
    patent and is revolutionary creation of traditional medicine.
       Magnetic Plaster for ache
       Magnetic Plaster for mammary
       Magnetic Plaster for asthma
    B.  Medical accessories
                Plaster of Paris bandage
                Casting tape
                Ultrasonic Coupling Agent
    C.  Industrial Permanent Magnets
    D.  Magnet Application
    Main usage:  Automobile, Motorcycle, Electronics, Environmental protection, 

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    On behalf of our Chinese scooter manufacturer we offer you SCOOTERS.

    1. Body: aluminum alloy, heat-treated

    2. Wheels:
      a. Material: PU build w/ball bearing 608ZZ ABEC-5.
      b. Types: clear wheel colorfull wheel(red, blue, green..)
      c. Size: Dia. 100MM, thickness:24MM

    3. Board: aluminum with drip tape, length: 510MM, width: 10MM

    4. Cushion:quality steel,chrome plated.

    5. Brake system: guard step brake.

    6. Folding part:forged aluminum,heat-treated,non weld

    7. Handles cover:colorful soft rubber foam(red, yellow, black, blue, green)

    8. Aluminum body colors:silver,rose,gold,blue, green

    9. Net weight:6.31 lbs

    10. Minimum height:23.63 inch Max.height:36.62 inch

    11. Max load:506 lbs, Max. sate load in riding:180 lbs

    12. Max. pulling force of extended T-steeringRod: 500N

    13. Packing:1pc/portable gift box, 6 pcs/carton, 1800pcs/20'FCL we can also supply functional carrying belt and carrying bag

    14. Certificate:GS and ISO9002 approvals.


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    1 - Herbs (Packed & Bulk ) :

    Packed herbs (cans) are processed and sterile for the final use by the customer. 
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     2 - Essential Oils (Packed in 15cc bottles and also in Bulk* ) :
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    3 - Hygienic and Cosmetic Products:

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    4 - Food and Mixed-Herb Products

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    Computer Parts

    ( 1st grade Memory Module ) 
    PC100 LGs 32MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC100 Hyundai/LGs 64MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC100 Hyundai/LGs 128MB SDRAM 
    PC100 Samsung 64MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC100 Kingston 64MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC100 Infineon/Siemem 64MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC133 Micron 64MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC133 Micron 128MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC133 Hyundai 64MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC133 Hyundai/LGs 128MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC133 Samsung 128MB SDRAM ~ 
    PC133 Kingston 128MB SDRAM ~ 
    PIII-933 (133/256) 
    PIII-933PGA (133/256)  
    PIII866 (133/256)  
    PIII866PGA (133/256)  
    PIII733 (133/256)  
    PIII733PGA (133/256)  
    PIII700 (100/256)  
    PIII700PGA (100/256)  
    PIII667 (133/256)  
    PIII667PGA (133/256)  
    PIII650 (100/256) 
    PIII650PGA (100/256)  
    PIII600B (133/512)  
    Hard Drive : 
    Quantum 20.0GB LM 7200rpm  
    IBM 20.0 GB 7200rpm  
    Quantum 15.0 GB LM 7200rpm 
    Quantum 10.0 GB LM 7200rpm 
    Remarks: All above items come with warranty 

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    Electric Protection Units

    We manufacture and distribute surge protection units [overvoltage protection] and related products as 
    for example Insulation Level Drop Detectors for use in all kinds of industry. We specialise in 1st, 2nd
    and 3rd class protection. 
    The parameters of this devices are as follows: 
    Un 230, Uc 320, Up<1.3kV and short-circuit withstand capability is 60kA. 
    We are looking for distributors. We have very good conditions for our distributers. 

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    A software company in INDIA is interested in software projects in
    North America and Europe. they are also interested in having a tie
    up with the software companies in these areas. As you may know the
    software specialist from India are famous not only for their
    performances but also for their cost effective prices. For more
    information please contact:

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    • We are pleased to introduce our dual-mode cordless internet phone as follows:
      -900 MHz Cordless internet phone with Hands-Free function 
      - Free or low-cost internet phone based on PC-to-phone method
       - Automatic execution of internet phone service 
      - Any certain websites can be linked as per a buyer's request if the order volume is considerable 
      - Traditional regular phone calls are available (both receiving & making a call) 
      - Cordless internet phone : users can make an internet call away from PC
       - Hands-free function for easy movement 
      - 40 channels auto-scan
       - Small and compact size: the 2/3 size of a name card 
      - Voice checking of incoming e-mail arrivals 
      - Hot-key function 

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    As a porcelain manufacturee located in China.we can supply you any kind of ceramic products,and we will be very please
    to have your help in market our products . 

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    Skate Shoes(Sport Shoes with Roller Skates)

    • Price : US$14.00/Pair Fob China

    • Packing : 1 Pair/Color Box, 12 Pairs/Carton, 3,240 Pairs/20'Container

    • Sizes : 37-43

    • Delivery : Within 20 Days

    • Payment : L/C at Sight by First Class Bank or 30% Deposit Balance against Fax copy of B/L

    • Minimum: 1x20' Container

    • Sample : Available to serious buyers Only who should confirm the price and Minimum quantity first and
      provide us with curent account number so we can send you the sample by freight collect

    • Faxes will be taken much more seriously and reply is faster. Also please introduce your company breifly in your fax or email.