In addition to supplying raw pistachio we also offer the following:

1-Roasted and salted pistachio:

Lightly roasted and salted Pistachio is one of the most favored processed Pistachios all over in the world.

2-Roasted and unsalted pistachio:

This item is good for people who are on a salt—free diet.

3-Roasted and salted pistachio with Lime Added:

Lime gives the pistachio a special enhanced flavor.

4-Pistachio Kernels:

These are prepared from closed month Pistachio prior to shipment, therefore have a very fresh flavor.

5-Green skinned pistachio kernels:

This is a natural produce with an extra ordinary green color. Used in ice cream, cookies, sausages, etc.

6-Closed mouth pistachio in shell.

We supply this product in varies sizes. The yield kernels is 48—50%



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Pistachio comes in different shapes and sizes. The major items are:

1- Round type. A.k.a. "Fandoghi" available in sizes 26/28,28/30 and 30/32 2 - Long type. A.k.a. "Badami"
available in sizes 24/26 , 26/28 and 28/30
3 - Long type. A.k.a. "Ahmad Aghaie" available in sizes22/24 and 24/26

4-Long type. A.k.a. "Akbari"
available in sizes 18/20 , 20/22 and 22/24

5 - Jumbo type A.k.a. "Kalleghuchi" available in sizes18/20 ,20/22 , 22/24 and 24/26.


Part of each year's crop is turned into pistachio Kernels also there is a special type of pistachio which is greener in color and is used in production of Green skinned Pistachio Kernels.

Both of the above are in great demand all over the world.


Nutritional value of pistachio

Average  amount  per 1OO gr. edible parts(about 170 gr. pistachio inshell)

Calories 594
Protein 21.1%
Fats 53. 2%
Carbohydrates 18%
Fiber 2.2%
cholesterol 0

Pistachio also contains sodium, potassium. iron ,calcium .




In Addition to pistachio we also supply Iranian Dried Figs.
Iranian Figs are dried while still on the tree, therefore they acquire a very special taste and flavour and they are a rich source of vitamins and energy .

Dried fig


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