Car Wireless Earphone
Brand Name : ADH2008
Country of Origin : China Shanghai

Car Wireless Earphone
Brand Name : CK-8001
Country of Origin : China Shanghai


Wireless Mobile Earphone
Country of Origin : China Taiwan



V.A.T. Mobile Earphone
Country of Origin : China Taiwan

Foam Glass

Country of Origin : China Shanghai
Pricing : FOB SHANGHAI US$295.00/M3


Anti-frame, damp-proof type thermal sheet

Country of Origin : China Shanghai
Pricing : FOB SHANGHAI US$3.60/M2



Anti-frame, damp-proof type thermal sheet


 New product of environment protection! Product Characteristic This is a kind of new developed thermal insulation material making flexible use of low heat conductance principle based on high reflex, low radiation. It is useful for thermal insulation, damp-proof, sound insulation, mould proof, antiseptic. Through a special chemical process in the aluminum surface, and it provide effective anti-radiant heat. Anti-frame effect is passed to International Standard, and stands at the highest national grade and anti-frame, damp-proof type thermal sheet is used for sound insulation, wall, roof of vehicle, air-conditioned train, car & vessel, roof of house, outside wall of commercial & industrial building, ceiling, cavity wall, floor, marine climate areas house. It possesses an water-proof also, and used for warehouse, mills, tunnel, basement building, gymnasium, stadium. Effective of energy conservation is 20% Because composed with multiple organic, inorganic and metallic, it has very strong material, impact proof, not-easy break, water-proof, damp-proof, high rate of heat reflection, which make it prevent surface to be oxidized, corrosive, aging. We can supply any kinds of size, according to customers request.


Car Wireless Earphone
Brand Name : ADH2008
Country of Origin : China Shanghai




Product Features
Main Unit: Handsfree Speak Phone
A: Speaker Phone with Volume control and a special Motorola Echo-canceling IC
B: Standard plug for automotive cigarette lighter adaptor
C: Built-in Auto Charger for the Infra-red Wireless Ear Piece
D: Two Led indicators for Charging/Speaker Phone and Stand-by modes
E: Wide Angle Infra-red (IR) transmission for Signal Stability
F: Adaptable to most of the popular Mobile Phone Models by changing the
Connection Cable only
G: Compatible with all systems (GSM, PCS, PHS, CDMA, TDMA etc.,)
H: Automatically pick up the call and hang up (depend on Mobile Phone Models).
(1) Speaker
(2) Volume Control
(3) Mic+Emitter+Glue Paster

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Main parts of this device.
1 Mic+Extension Emitter
2 Volume Control for speaker and Ear piece
3 Wireless Ear Piece
4 Multi Plug to the phone set
5 Charging/Speaker On indicator (Green)
6 Power On Indicator (Red)
7 IR Emitter
8 IR Antenna
9 Standard Cigarette plug (10) Universal Clip







New product of environment protection of heat insulation wallboard material
Product Characteristic
This is a kind of new developed thermal material. Until now, it is produced in the U.S.A. and China only. It is high technology product as using abandoned glass, and value-added product. It possess particular chemical and physical function, anti-absorption, damp-proof, flame resistant, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, insect prevention, sound insulation, sound absorption, endured temperature : -269 to +400, high mechanical strength, stable measurement, long life cycle, good coincide with ASTM standard of U.S.A., but price is just 1/2 to 2/3 compared with others. It is widely used for maintaining low temperature, preservation of heat(heat insulator), protect gas, oil & water transport pipe and store tank, high level construction thermal insulation materials, subway tunnel process, airport construction, shipbuilding(light weight)∼
Specification is 500(length) x 400(width) x 100(thickness)
We can supply any kinds of size and shapes(arc, plate or pipe) according to customer’s request.

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Density:150-180kg/ m2
Compressive strength:>0.5Mpa
Flexural strength:>0.5Mpa
Linear coefficient:8.3*10
Thermal conductivity:0.052-0.064w/mk
Specific heat:0.8kl/kgK
Absorption of moisture:0.2% (% by volume)
Water-vapor permeability:0.00ng(Pa s m)
Service temperature:-230--+430


Wireless Mobile Earphone
Country of Origin : China Taiwan




Please allow us to introduce a new product.
WIRELESS EARPHONE is not only convenient-stored, easy-manipulation but also the well-done quality of communication. The most important is that the WIRELESS EARPHONE can lower electromagnetic wave to 0.00015w. This innovation product reduces the injury from electromagnetic wave to brains as well as increase the safety of driving when you use the mobile phone.
OTHERS: Please confirm the brand, model, and used local system(GSM OR CDMA) of mobilephone.

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Supply The Models As Follows:


V.A.T. Mobile Earphone>
Country of Origin : China Taiwan


Voice Activated Throat unit is a revolution facility for Mobile- Earphone voice transmission within perfect isolation of noise. V.A.T. MOBILE-EARPHONE is based on a Piezo-Ceramic Voice Sensor Technique and build-in an amplifier circuit with it to perform the perfect solution in hands-free cellular phone communication. 

1.Special noise canceling loop, provides the best communication quality. 

2.Well interface circuit design, perfect compatible with Motorola,Nokia,Ericsson and all kinds famous brands of cellular phone. 

3.High sensitivity voice activated type pizeo-ceramic microphone to offer the perfect natural voice quality. 

4.Silicon covered curl type neck adjustable frame lets V.A.T. MOBILE-EARPHONE fit neck size comfortable. 

5.100% isolate noise which come from background environment for performing best voice quality. 

6.Easy setup and perform. Put the activated microphone on your neck and the Piezo-Ceramic sensor right on the front side of your throat. Batter transmission will result if the sensor is locate about 3cm away from the the throat or the vocal cords. In addition the neck ring is made by high quality steel and covered by Silicon rubber. 

7.There are various V.A.T. MOBILE-EARPHONE available for all kinds cellular phone, So, Please check with your dealer to make sure the unit is fit your requirement.Not 100% waterproof for this V.A.T. MOBILE- EARPHONE unit. 

8.PAYMENT: L/C or T/T SHIPMENT: 30 days shipment after confirmed L/C or T/T


Car Wireless Earphone
Brand Name : CK-8001
Country of Origin : China Shanghai



Product Description --No more dangerous driving Keep you both hands free to steer. --No more tangle with headset cable Forget about the hazard of the headset cable get tangled while you are driving. --No more interference Wireless communication with infra-red, avoids problems from interference by electromagnetic wave or RF interference by other electrical appliances. --Easy installation Just play into cigarette lighter, sticking the extension Mic.Completed! --User friendly Simple to use --Just plug into your mobile phone, usee immediately with the hands-free speaker phone. Privacy --Private conversation is provided by a simple action to pick up the wireless earpiece. --Automatic switch from speaker phone broadcast to wireless ear piece broadcast without any button. 





LEVER & INTERIOR DOOR LOCKS : These products are made with galvanized iron. These DOOR LOCK Products have been exported to many countries including India, Sri Lanca, China and Japan. We are maintaining high market share in Asia offering competitive price. We can supply you a variety of items such as LEVER DOOR LOCKS (use at the entrance of building and apartment), INTERIOR LEVER LOCK(use room, bedroom, bathroom, passage, etc), DEAD LOCKS/DEAD BOLTS((The porch door lever with sub key), ELECTRIC DOOR LOCKS, and so on. 

2-HOLES TWIN LOCK is developed for the first time in the world have been obtained patent in USA, CHINA, TAIWAN and KOREA. 

1. LEVER DOOR LOCKS MODEL : LL-11, LL-22, LL-33T, LL-33R, LL-44 : Opening from outside by TWIN key only, from inside by TWIN turn- handle and open by the lever MODEL : RL-51, R-51T, RL-51F, RL-51H, FOR HOTEL Rim Lock of door inside Turn-Lever. Automatically door is locked when we shut the door. 

2. INTERIOR LEVER LOCK MODEL RL-31/41, RL-31T/41T, MODEL RL-31F/41F : Opening by turn lever only, without lock only latch, at the both side. 

3. DEAD LOCKS/DEAD BOLTS MODEL DL-55, DL-33 , DL-44, DL-22, DL-11 : Opening from outside by TWIN key only, from inside by TWIN turn- handle. 

4. ELECTRIC DOOR LOCKS EL-16A, EL-13A, EL-12A, EL-10A, EL-5A, EL-4A : Opening from outside by key only,from inside by Mechanical Push- button DC 12V , AC 100V, AC 220V We are looking for importers/buyers interested in our products. Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best in meeting your demand.



The Solar energy lamps Feature: 

Supply the power by turning sunlight into electricity, invest once and use all the time. It can reduce your cost . It has the characteristics of safety, saving energy, protecting environments, convenience and beauty. An electric shook never happens. It can be located easily. It needn't any frame cables. It can be adjusted freely. Use easily, solar lamps can be on/off automatically by controlling PCB; In the day time, the lamps don't give light. When night comes, it gives light gradually. According to uses and likeness, you can chose different height, brightness and colors.


Solar Energy Power System