A. MAGIC Magnetic Plaster  
                            B. MAGIC Medical Accessories                            
                     C. Industrial Permanent Magnet

                     D. Magnet Application

A. MAGIC   Magnetic Plaster:

  Magic Magnet Plaster is the creative integration of Chinese traditional medicine and modern magnetic technology, It's based on the technology of the advanced transdermal drug delivery and the theory of biomagnetic ionpore. It applied special magnetic field to open membrane and solved the problem of continuously, quickly. And uniformly drug-releasing. The application of this theory certifies the scientific nature, effectiveness, safety and authority of magic magnet plaster. It exclusively owns national invention patent and is revolutionary creation of traditional medicine.



MAGIC   Magnetic Plaster for ache

1.       Main Treatment: Cervical vertebra, Vertebra ache, Waist stiffness, Sprain & bruise, Periarthritis, Arthritis, Tennis elbow, Frozen shoulder, Tendovaginitis and etc                   


2.       Specification: Diameter is 18mm.


3.       Package: One box contains five packs, each pack contains three patches.



MAGIC   Magnetic Plaster for mammary

1.       Main Treatment: Mammary phyla, Mammary ache, Mammitis, Mammaiplasia, men’s mammary disease and prevent mammary cancer

2.       Specification: Diameter is 18mm.

3.       Package: One box contains five packs, each pack contains three patches        .


MAGIC   Magnetic Plaster for asthma

1.  Main Treatment: Cough, Asthma, and Bronchitis

2.  Specification: Diameter is 18mm.

3.  Package: One box contains five packs, each pack contains three patches.


What is magnetic plaster?

Magnetic plaster is a patch for any muscle or joint pain, asthma or mammary disease. It consists of pressure sensitive adhesive containing carefully selected herb and magnetic powder. Different herb extract are for different disease.

 How does it work?

It is based on the theory of magnetophoresis, which magnetic field can enhance medicine delivery across skin, and the field itself also has good effect on blood circulation.

 Is it safe?

The use of magnetism for therapy is recorded from antiquity and is extensively used worldwide. Herb comes from nature so it has little side effect on human beings. Special technology at every stage of manufacture and carefully researched products are combined to produce an effective and skin-friendly patch.

Caution——Don’t use if you have a pacemaker. Don’t use on abdomen when pregnant. Don’t use on open wounds or suppurating scores. Stop using if irritation occurs. Use only externally. Always consult your doctor or health practitioner for any ailments. In rare cases, a slight increase in pain may occur initially due to the magnet’s effect on the organism’s self-healing energies. Keep out of reach of children.

 Content——One box contains five packs, each pack consisting of three patches.

 Usage——Apply to clean, dry skin on the affected painful area or recommended acupoint. Press firmly on adhesive surround. The patch should be used only once because the herb extract may be released out. Replace a new one after two days. If your condition doesn’t improve, please consult your doctor.

 Removal——Gently pull from edges towards center. Any remaining adhesive can be removed with citrus-based skin cleaning lotion or by rubbing alcohol. The patch may leave a slight coloration on some skin types. This will wear off naturally in a few days.

Does it work for me?

Magnetic plaster can be used in the pain location or acupoint locations. By now, our company has three types of magnetic plaster for ache, asthma and mammary disease.  Users are regularly advising us of how they have successfully used magic magnetic plaster for conditions such as cervical vertebra ache vertebra achewaist stiffnesssprain & bruiseperiarthritis arthritistennis elbowfrozen shouldertendovaginitismammary phylamammary achemammitismammaiplasiaCough  AsthmaBronchitis.



 B. MAGIC   Medical accessories


MAGIC    Plaster of Paris bandage

1.       Main Treatment: Bone fracture, soft tissue injuries, Immobilization, orthopedic casting, general use.

2.       Specification: The length as 270cm and the width as 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm, 20cm or according to the order

3.       Package: One carton contains 72 or 144 rolls.


MAGIC     Casting tape

1.       Main Treatment: Bone fracture, soft tissue injuries, Immobilization, orthopedic casting, general use.

2.       Characteristics: Convenient usage, Light in weight, Good ventilation, Better elastic force, Good water-resistance, Good X ray-penetration.

3.       Specification: The length as 360cm and the width as 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm or according to the order.

4.       Package: One box contains 10 rolls.


MAGIC     Ultrasonic Coupling Agent

1.        Main Treatment: Ultrasonic diagnosis, such as the medical check of gynaecology and obstetrics, digestive system, urinary system, nervous system and mammary gland.

2.        Package: Each bottle contains 250g, each carton contains 40 bottles.


C. MAGIC industrial Permanent Magnets

We are one of the biggest magnets manufacturers in China,superior magnets come mainly from China.Our company has many magnets application experts who design various magnets devices for many factories all over the world. 

1.       Specification: NdFeb, Bonded NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico, Bonded Alnico, Rubber magnet and many other kinds.

2.       Price:  Most competitive in China.


                  D. MAGIC  Magnet Application

1.       Main usage:  Automobile, Motorcycle, Electronics, Environmental protection, Metallurgy, Oil and tobacco industries.

2.       Design: we can design special magnet application device according to your requirement.



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