Essential Oils (Packed in 15cc bottles and also in Bulk

Product Code English Name
O01 Artemisia Oil
O02 Cuminseed Oil          
O03  Dill Weed Oil   
O04   Eucalyptus Oil   
O05  Fennelseed Oil   
O06   Geranium Oil 
O07   Juniper Oil     
O08   Lavender Oil 
O09 Lime Oil  
O10   Spearmint Oil
O11   Myrtle Oil  
O12  Orange Oil  
O13  Pennyroyal Oil
O14   Peppermint Oil  
O15  Pine Oil  
O16  Rose Oil 
O17  Rosemary Oil 
O18 Salvia Oil 
O19 Savory Oil    
O20   Tarragon Oil  
O21   Thyme Oil


O01-Artemisia Oil:

The Latin name comes from the Greek Goddess Artemis, who took care of women during child birth. This oil is extracted from one of bitterest plants and contains volatile oils, bitter principle, carotene and tannins. Main uses : industrial for air fresheners and cosmetics. Caution : Not edible.

O02-Cumin Seed Oil:
Cumin oil, in addition to many medicinal properties is widely consumed in Eastern and Mediterranean foods and in general where pasta foods are consumed, due to its strong antiflatulency. It has a warm and strong aroma and bitter flavor. Uses in food : Preparation of Curry powder, various condiments and pickles. Preparation of Indian East Asian foods. Pasta foods, some soups and bread and Cakes. Aromatherapy: Antispasmodic, carminative, digestive stimulant, antiflatulent and diuretic.

O03-Dill Seed Oil:
Dill seed is one of the most flavored herbs for Iranians and in recent years the herb and its seeds have found applications as natural reducing agent of blood glycerides in Europe, specially in Germany. Dill oil gives pleasant aroma and flavor to any dish. Uses in food : Different soup, sauce, salads, pickles, vinegars, fish and rice. It is also used in confectionary, cakes, bread and apple pie.

O04-Eucalyptus Oil:
Eucalyptus oil with a fresh, balsamic and agreeable adour is mainly used for its therapeutic valves. It is proved to be a very strong antiseptic and antibacterial agent and is used as medicinal agent in the following cases : Cold, flu, coughs, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma. Rheumatic conditions, hypoglycemic, high blood pressure , diabetes, Abscesses, boils and burns.

O05-Fennel Seed Oil:
With its pleasant flavor and aroma is widely used as flavoring agent in food and beverages. Uses in food : With various types of fish and as flavoring in foods and beverages. Cosmetic uses : Application in perfumery and production of soap ,hygienic products and air fresheners. Aromatherapy : Digestive, stimulant, expectorant, laxative and antispasmodic.

O06-Geranium Oil:
Geranium oil has a wounderful aroma and is one of the most important aromatherapy oils. Uses in food : Preparation of jams, jellies, cakes and puddings, drink and beverages, sauce and ice creams. Industrial use : Perfumery, air fresheners, cosmetics and hygienics. Aromatherapy : Skin disorders, eczema and haemorrhoids. Geranium oil is also insect repellent and is good for headaches, dental abscess, stings and bites.

O07-Jupiter Oil:
Juniper oil has a slightly warming effect on the skin and is thought to promote the removal of waste products from underlying tissues. Do not take juniper during pregnancy.

O08-Lavander Oil:
A very valuable oil which its plant is usually found at altitude of 700 to 1400 meters and is highly valued. Lavender oil is endowed with many telictious properties and has many uses in food industry such as sauces and etc. Cosmetic uses: Application in perfumery and production of soaps also used in medical field which is to be under a professional supervision.

O09-Lime Oil:
Similar to orange oil, lime oil is also one of the most required and used essential oils in preparation of food, beverages and perfumery. Uses in food : In chocolates, candies, sweets, cakes and jams, preparation of beverages, ice cream and perfumery, cosmetics and hygienic products. Most peopel are familiar with the pleasant aroma of lime in many cosmetic and hygienic products. Its main uses are perfumery, preparation of liquids, lotions and skin cleanser and other cosmetic products.

O10-Spearmint Oil:
Undoubtedly, Mint Oil is one of the most highly used essential oils in the world. Most of the Mint Oil consumed today is made by synthetic materials which do not possess most of the natural oil. Uses in food : Preparation of different sauce, condiments, vegetable fruit salads, drinks and beverages, Cake, candies, chocolates and etc. Industrial uses : Chewing gums, ice creams, Preserved foods, Vinegars and pickles. Uses in Aromatherapy : Application of mint oil in aromatherapy is widespread throughout the world and is most effective in the following cases : Local pains and spasm, biliary ailments, headaches and migrane, nervous pains and tensions through massage by pure essential oil.

O11-Myrtle Oil:
Myrtle oil is antiseptic and decongestant and is used for chest problems such as bronchitis.

O12-Orange Oil:
Orange oil is one of the most used essential oils in production of various foods products such as confectionary, chocolates, drinks, candies and etc. Uses in food : Preparation of different types of confectionary, chocolates, candies and concentrates for production of beverages. It has an extensive use in food and ice cream industry as well as house cooking.

O13-Pennyroyal Oil:
Pennyroyal oil is mainly used for flavoring.

O14-Peppermint Oil:
Peppermint oil is the leader of all essential oils from the view point of amount consumed throughout the world. The herb and the oil are both used in foods and industrial products. Uses in food : Preparation of different sauce, condiments, salads, drinks and beverages, confectionary, candies, chocolate and chewing gum. Industrial use : As flavoring agent in many cosmetic and hygienic products. Aromatherapy : Stimulant of the nervous system, stomachache, carminative, analgesic, insect repellent and antispasmodic, antimigrance.

O15-Pine Oil:
Pine oil having a very strong aroma and being a little camphory balsamic, is used mainly in industry and Aromatherapy. Industrial use : Perfumery, soaps, shampoos, air fresheners, deodorants and Various types of creams and cosmetics. It is also used as solvent for specialty dyes. Aromatherapy : Powerful antiseptic for respiratory tract, balsamic, rubefacient (rheumatic complains.), influenza and all infections of respiratory tract.

O16-Rose Oil:
Rose has been prized throughout history and all over the world for the sweet and soothing nature of its scent. Uses in food : Flavoring agent for cakes, candies, tea, jams, Rose vinegars, salads, cream caramel. It is also used as addtive to drinks , beverages and yogurt. Industrial use : Cosmetic and hygienic industry and perfumery. Aromatherapy : General laxative, menopause problems and ailments of respiratory system, mouth ulcers, insomnia, frigidity and depression.

O17-Rosemary Oil:
Rosemary oil with a camphory smell, rather like incense and honey is a good additive to pot-pourries since it is an insect repellent. Uses in food : Preparation of dishes with poultry, rabbit and lamb, Meat marinades, stews and braises, Vinegars, beverages, condiments, Sauces and salads. Industrial use : Skin lotion, perfumery , hair tonics, air fresheners and cosmetics. Aromatherapy : Rheumatism. depression and respiratory problems, Asthma, constipation, Fever, headaches and bronchitis.

O18-Salvia Oil:
A common garden plant, grown throughout the world. The Romans called it Herba Saora. The sage oil known for its medicinal uses. Uses in food : Preparation of different sauce, condiments cakes, candies and drinks. Cosmetic uses : In perfumery and disinfectants.

O19-Savory Oil:
The savory oil is mainly used in foods such as Condiment for meat, sausage with eggs and In dishes prepared with eggs and various savies. Aromatherapy: Aphrodisiac, antiseptic, vermifuge, digestive, stimulant.

O20-Tarragon Oil:
Tarragon with its sharp and strong aroma is widely used in preparation of food, condiments, various pickles and flavored vinegar. Uses in food :In various soups and salads, sea foods , dishes prepared with meat, Cheese production, Preparation of pickles, salads in some jams and in different sauce for salads and foods. In aromatherapy is used as stimulant, tonic, carminative.

O21-Thyme Oil:
Uses in food : Few drops of Thyme Oil gives a rustic and natural flavor to your food. It can be used in preparation of soups, salads , sauce, pizza, lassagnia and other pasta dishes. Cosmetic uses :Few drops of Thyme Oil added to boiling water is used as an inhalor. Helps to relieve the ailments of the respiratory system and sore throat. If used properly used, it is a strong antiseptic. Caution: Thyme Oil contains a large amount of phenols, improper use might cause irritation of skin and mucus. Not to be used during pregnancy.


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