We specialize in providing IT solutions. We help our clients create value by implementing cost effective yet high quality solutions through our offshore facilities.

We do application development on both Microsoft and Linux platforms. We have experience developing client/server and multitier database applications as well as stand alone desktop solutions. We are focused on delivering customized application software solutions in client/server platform and in web domain. We also take care of more routine IT tasks like application maintenance (bug fixes, new features etc.), testing of web based solutions, and web publishing.

We provide software services that are delivered on time, within budget, and that exceed their quality goals with a total customer-centric approach. We bring strong technical expertise to ensure that software projects accomplish their software and business goals.

"The technologies that our specialists employ bring you the best, most efficient and cost-effective solution"

Our skill set include:

Platform/server Technologies
  • Windows
  • Linux

    Development/Environmental Tools
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Borland JBuilder
  • Microsoft Visual Interdev
  • Front Page
  • JDK 1.3
  • IIS, MTS, Site Server, Index Server
  • UItradev / Dreamweaver
  • MS Office/ VBA
  • Photoshop
  • Macromedia Flash

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • COM/DCOM/ActiveX
  • Java Servlets
  • JSP- Java Server Pages
  • ASP - Active Server Pages
  • PHP
  • Perl / CGI
  • WAP ( Wireless Access Protocol )

  • Visual Basic
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • VBScript
  • Java Script

    We approach each project in a highly professional manner and ensure that functional specs are met and timeliness is maintained"

    Our software development cycle primarily consists of following stages:

    Understanding Client'sRequirements
    Proposal with cost Estimation
    Contract Signing
    Textual Prototype with Features and Functionality
    Client Approval & Requirements Freezing
    Graphic Visualization / Navigation Controls
    Graphics Design / Optimization
    Database / Architectural / Procedural Design
    Frontend Integration of Frontend and Backend Backend
    Testing / Debugging
    Beta Version
    Client Testing and Feedback
    Final Product & Documentation
    Project Deployment
    Project Sign Off

    "We offer comprehensive understanding and expertise in international software quality assurance standards to meet your QA consulting and testing needs."

    We can help you streamline your development processes, inject quality assurance processes into your current development effort, and help you decide how, when and what to test. We offer extensive experience in test and development automation.

    We can automate regression tests, stress tests, functional tests, build processes, build verification tests and have all the results waiting for you in your email box when you arrive in the morning. Automated test suites can greatly decrease the time spent testing the functionality of your application or retesting your application after fixes have been made. We can help you develop these automated test suites, and work with you to maintain and, if necessary, enhance the test suite to execute with future revisions of your application. Additionally, we can undertake stress testing to find out how much of a load your web site or application can handle.

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